Most Common Driving Laws by State in Map Form

Are you taking a road trip this holiday season? U.S. road laws vary from state to state so make sure you know the details of lawyers in each one, for example, a car accident lawyer in Austin just in case.
If you are unfortunate enough to run into trouble with the law over your driving then it is important that you contact someone similar to CNR Lawyers for advice on how to proceed in the courtroom. Some states driving laws are quirky, to say the least. For example, did you know that drinking while driving is illegal in every state – except for Mississippi? Or that New Hampshire is the only state where driving without a seatbelt is legal? When traveling in states that you are unfamiliar with it is always a good idea to install a dash cam from BlackBoxMyCar just in case an accident did occur. created a fun website that answers common Google questions about driving and mapped the answers for an easy guide of what is legal, or illegal, in each state.

Click the picture below to find out the driving laws before your next road trip.

illegal to drive

Also, for fun, take the Reaction Time Test (also from to see how long it takes you to stop the car, and the website will guess your age based on your reaction time.

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