Flying from NY, NY to Charlotte, NC

I woke up this morning and took a quick walk along the river. It was Seattle like raining (misty, magical rain) and quite foggy. I ended up at Turning Point cafe for a quick egg wrap and green tea. It’s a local chain and this one is right on the water with a great view. Food was good and they had a lot of tea and coffee choices. 

Then it was time to leave NY and head to Charlotte for work this weekend. I flew out of LGA to CLT. Again, I took AMS Car Service as they had a cheaper flat rate. It was about $80 after tax, tip and tolls to LGA from Hoboken.

LGA was packed. Apparently the D terminal workers are on strike due to Ebola fears and that was causing flight delays of 30-60 minutes. Usually, I’d drop by the Delta Sky Club, but they kept announcing the delays every 10 minutes, and I didn’t want to miss my flight. 

I’ve never been in an airport with so many grouchy people. It probably doesn’t help that every gate has many planes per gate and you take a little shuttle bus to your tiny plane. 


But, we were off about an hour past our scheduled departure time. There was a flight attendant in training on my flight, which is always funny because they are so by the book. 
Goodbye for now, NY…
And hello, Charlotte!


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