1. That’s so neat! I’ve only ever been to South Dakota, so close but not quite. Are there any surprises we should check out while traveling between destinations? Like in SD there were all the ridiculous/amazing Wall Drug signs to watch out for as you drove. Completely unexpected, still epic.

    • Wall Drug is an institution! I actually stopped there for a night when I moved from Detroit to Seattle; it was really weird, yet fun. There’s a cool story behind their signs (I know I’ve read blogs about it). ND doesn’t have anything like the Wall Drug signs, but for roadside attractions, the Enchanted Highway is pretty cool. It’s 30 miles of highway that has giant art installations every few miles. It’s definitely a sight to be seen!

  2. Love your post and congrats on scoring a sponsored post for travel..I am trying to do that right now….did you reach out to the tourism board..or they found you?

    I have never been to N. Dakota, but have been to S. Dakota ..its beautiful!!

    Fashion and travel

  3. I love that you suggested visiting a local farmers’ market. They are one of the best ways to meet people, find regional food, get outside and just enjoy the community spirit. Great post!

  4. It’s so nice to see what there is to do in ND. It never occurred to me to visit before. If I wanted to visit, how far are these places from a major airport? Thanks!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I have to admit I did not know much about North Dakota but it seems like a great spot for outdoor lovers! I’d love to be the one riding that bike on your photo!

  6. I have not been, but one of my bucket list items is to visit all 50 state capitals, so I’ll need to go one of these days! My husband loves Teddy Roosevelt, so will definitely want to see the Park! Looks like such a beautiful state, can’t wait to go check it one!

  7. My favorite spot so far is Mineral Falls, the only waterfall in ND! But I’m training to hike the Maah Daah Hey trail and I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing this list; I can add a couple things to my ND bucketlist now! 🙂

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