My 2015 Travel Data Visualized on a Map

2015 was a big year for me, especially when it came to travel. I left my job (and took six months off before starting a new job). I booked and took my first major solo trip (to a different continent)! I honestly thought I was going to die for about 90 seconds. And, I met a new partner that loves travel as much as I do.

In total, I flew 87,427 miles, to 7 countries, on 43 flights. And here’s what that looks like on a map…
I can’t wait to see what travel opportunities come my way. Happy New Year. Here’s to 2016.
So, how I’d do this?
To map your Foursquare/Swarm data:
  1. Head over to your feeds section on Foursquare,
  2. Save your KML feed
  3. Open My Google Maps and click create a new map
  4. Upload your KML feed
Hint: To get more than 25 results, add ‘?count=1000’ (without the ‘, of course) and change the number to match the check in you want to start with (this could take some trial and error)
To see my 2014 map, click here.

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