Full-time RVing: My Remote Work From Home Setup

RV dinette with a laptop and work station overlooking the ocean

I’ve worked remotely since 2012, and during the start of the pandemic, started working remotely from our RPod-192 travel trailer. In my current role as head of strategy at a digital marketing agency, not only do I need to have the right gear for my role, but I also need to be connected with reliable … [Read more…]

The Best Camping Chairs for Tent or RV Adventures

top 6 camping chairs

Top 6 Camping Chairs, Plus One Chair to Avoid Embarking on a year-long journey across the United States in our Rpod-192 was an unforgettable adventure for my husband and me. Over those incredible 18,000 miles, we became masters of packing and unpacking our travel trailer—which included our camping chairs. When it comes to camping chairs, … [Read more…]

RV Essentials for First-time RVers

RV Essentials 13 must have starter essentialls for rvers

So, you’ve just purchased your new RV — congrats! You’re about to embark on an endless adventure, be it a few miles from your home or all the way across the country. There are National Parks to hike, oceans waves to frolic, and lots of stories to be told around the campfire. But a new … [Read more…]