1. Douglas Orlando

    Very good job of making the r-pod livable and showing us how you set it all up. I’m looking forward to other posts. Thanks

  2. Kim Jones

    Thank you. I just bought the 192 and this was so helpful. However, I am not seeing the links you spoke of of the items you bought….

    • Hi there! The links are within the paragraphs (generally in blue/underlined), but also check out the last paragraph in the blog post. On the video, if you click into it so YouTube pops up, there are links to every item individually in the description. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

  3. Traci

    We are planning on buying a 192 for full timing and this completely answered our questions we had and more (the bed crease was a major concern so thank you for the link and I’m so excited for the central vac because we have 3 dogs!), thank you so much!!!

  4. Tom

    Great info. Thanks.

    How much trouble is it to close the bed with the 8” mattress? Does it take two people? Would a 6” been adequate?

    • Hi there. So, if we were to do it again, we’d go with the 6inch. It closes fine with the 8inch, and I can do it alone, but the 6″ would have been comfortable enough and less of a pain to close.

    • It’s actually fairly easy. For the fitted sheet: we pull the mattress forward and you can reach the back corner. Or sometimes I pull the mattress back and just get on the bed to put the two back corners on. Once those are on, the two front corners are easy. Everything else can be done from the end of the bed.

  5. queenoftravel

    Thanks for the great tips! We just bought one and are so excited to use it.
    The corners of the bed when down seem like they are sharp, do you notice that or adjusted for it? The vac kit, banded for the 192? Different for other models or all rpods are that way? How often do you have to change the bag?
    Thanks again

    • We actually put tape on the corners. We had those bed bumpers you put on kids beds, but they kept falling off. Just some painters tape seemed to do the trick. R-Pods use the banded kit for the vacuum. And we change the bag about once per month when living full time.

    • Hi there. Living fulltime, we changed it out about once per month. The trailer is pretty small, and the bag big. You know when it’s time because it just stops sucking things up.

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