• We’ve made a few, but plan to make “big” ones after the season. A lot of the mods have been out of need, and some for more storage. Can’t wait to redo the interior fabrics, but that’s probably a next spring project.

  1. Melissa Swanson

    Hello, can you please tell me the depth of the bottom lip of the shower on the R-Pod 192? Any issues with water getting out while showering? Thank you in Advance for your answers

    • Hi there! It’s about 4.5 inches deep. We haven’t had any issue with water getting out of the shower while using it (and we both use it almost daily). We make sure we wrap our hair in a towel before exiting, and have a bathmat outside the shower so we don’t drip on the floor.

    • Yes, we have a three inch toppper on it (it’s the link in the question). I think we could do a full mattress and it would still fold. No issues with folding with the three inch topper. The folded bed makes a triangle behind it, lots of room.

  2. Andrea

    Hi there. The great review. We have also purchased (put the down payment for now) on the 192. We love the floor plan and every5hing else. The only concern I’m having now is if the 4 Runner with its towing capacity of lbs 5000 can tow it no problem even in the mountains. We are planning on using the weigh distribution system. Any recommendations or suggestions?

    • I’m not sure about the 4 Runner, but I know others tow with it. We are at about 4700lbs when we have full tanks so, you’d cut it close – but I’m not really an expert when it comes to how much towing capacity you need, etc. We don’t use a weight distribution hitch (WDH), just an anti-sway bar. From all the research I’ve done, a WDH won’t help you much on a lightweight trailer (they are made for heavier and longer trailers) and an anti-sway should be all you need.

    • We haven’t had anything too serious. Just some cosmetic stuff. The pantry and bathroom closet shelves suck. They are luan (I think) and very thin. They are under warranty, but I’m trying to get Forest River to replace with something better. Also, our sink leaked (it wasn’t installed correctly) which made the counter get water damage. Again, covered under warranty and now that we know it’s a problem, we’ll make sure the sink is installed correctly. Other than that, everything else is good. But you get these same issues with almost any trailer, so…

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