1. SE South Dakota resident.Eager to pick up our new RP192 about Oct 10. Have you found hacks for towel hanging in bathroom? Is there an outlet for hair dryer? Best location for Silverware storage, etc. Would love to find an actual user to ask some questions about sizes. We are retirees heading to West coast shoftly after delivery.

  2. Sharon Gardner

    We just got home from our first trip with our 2021 RP-192. There is an outlet on the side of the bathroom sink for the hair dryer. We hung our hand towels on the door handles on the cupboards in the bathroom. No solution for bath towels, I will go out and look for the over the door suggestion. We used a rectangle storage container for our silverware but have been searching the internet for a under the cabinet drawer for under the table, I saw a picture that someone had done it.

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