Forest River R-Pod 192 Secret Storage

r pod 192 secret storage

It’s cold and rainy today in Sioux Falls, so I decided to finally look behind the panels in our R-Pod 192. I’ve been wanting to do this for three months, just hadn’t as I’ve always had a hunch there was a few secret hiding spots Well, today… I found them!

So grab your Phillips head screwdriver, and get ready to gain more storage.

These hidden spaces feel so obvious that I wonder… Am I late to the game and everyone knows about this? If not, I hope I can help you gain a little bit of extra room in your R-Pod 192!

Passenger Side Night Stand

I’ll just dive into the best find… Take off the panel from the bottom of the night stand. Behind it you’ll find an empty space, with just a cord from the outlet above. Seriously, it’s a great space to store things out of the way. I have no clue why Forest River boarded this up.

In our R-Pod, there is a tiny gap that leads to the pass through so we’re using it to store our tools, bungees, and other R-Pod stuff that’s wouldn’t get hurt just in case it was exposed to the elements (humidity or cold, mostly).

Driver Side Night Stand

Just like on the driver side, this panel comes off easily. Now, this is where your water pump is located and it does take up most of the space. But it’s easy access to your pump, or you could put something small in there (as long as it doesn’t bump against the water pump)

Kitchen Cabinet

On the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet you will see a board blocking the kitchen sink’s plumbing. If you remove it, you will gain a few extra inches of storage. Also, you’ll have better access to your sink should you need it.

We actually left our board up because we don’t need the extra space and haven’t had to fix the sink yet (fingers crossed).

Bathroom Cabinet

Ever wonder what the big space is under your bathroom cabinets? Yeah, the water heater is back there… but it’s not the full size of the cabinet. Well, I took off the panel and took a peek. Yes, there is a lot of room in there, but it’s mostly hoses and electrical stuff. So, while there’s a lot of extra room — I don’t think we’ll be storing anything back there. But it’s also how you get access to the water heater if needed

So there you have it… and here’s a video to show you all the spaces I wrote about above.

Do you have any R-Pod hacks, tips, or tricks… or did you find more space that I didn’t find yet? (Or… have you taken out the panel just below the kitchen sink to make a tip out shelf — I’m very interested to see if that would work.) I’d love to hear about your hints or mods! We’d love to hear about it. Leave us a comment below or on Twitter or Instagram.

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  1. SE South Dakota resident.Eager to pick up our new RP192 about Oct 10. Have you found hacks for towel hanging in bathroom? Is there an outlet for hair dryer? Best location for Silverware storage, etc. Would love to find an actual user to ask some questions about sizes. We are retirees heading to West coast shoftly after delivery.

  2. Sharon Gardner

    We just got home from our first trip with our 2021 RP-192. There is an outlet on the side of the bathroom sink for the hair dryer. We hung our hand towels on the door handles on the cupboards in the bathroom. No solution for bath towels, I will go out and look for the over the door suggestion. We used a rectangle storage container for our silverware but have been searching the internet for a under the cabinet drawer for under the table, I saw a picture that someone had done it.

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