60 Hours in Anchorage, Alaska

Delta is vying for Alaska’s market share here in Seattle, which means cheaper fares for us! We have wanted to come to Alaska for a long time. . Chad and I found tickets from Seattle to Anchorage for under $200 for both of us to fly round trip – and we randomly booked a quick … [Read more…]

Would You Pay Extra to Be the First to Deplane?

FlightView recently surveyed 2300 mobile travelers (via FlightView’s app) asking what extras they want most, and what extras are they willing to pay for. Of the 2300 travelers, 37% were business travelers and 63% were leisure travelers. Totally not surprising, the findings show that 50% of travelers will pay for premium in-flight services and amenities. … [Read more…]

Yes Michigan, The Feeling’s Forever!


I may be biased, but Michigan is the greatest state in the union. And, according to Thrillist, I’m right! As part of the “America Week” campaign, Thrillist released “The Definitive and final ranking of all 50 states.” States were ranked on their contributions to America, specifically “inventions, food/drink, somewhat productive famous people, unique physical beauty, … [Read more…]