Upgrading Our Factory RV Mattress

upgrading our rv mattress

In general, RV mattresses are not known for comfort; they are usually light weight and cost effective. If you’re still sleeping on the factory RV mattress that came with your RV or Travel Trailer, and waking up with back or shoulder pain, then this post is for you. After living in our R-Pod 192 for … [Read more…]

Six Months of Full-Time RV Living: What We’ve Learned

What we've learned full time rv

We left our home in Raleigh six months ago, and in that time we’ve driven over 10,000 miles, through fifteen states (and I can’t even count the cities). We’ve stayed at thirty-five campgrounds, three hotels, three driveways, one guesthouse, one cabin, one old fishing store, and one random farm. With our life in motion (literally), … [Read more…]

Foraging Chanterelle Mushrooms on the Oregon Coast

foraging for chanterelle mushrooms oregon

Chanterelle mushrooms are abundant and easy to find on the Oregon coast. The moist summers and consistent rain, mixed with shade from the forest cover, make the Oregon coast the perfect place for chanterelle mushrooms to grow. We went for a walk at my husband’s family property in Bandon, Oregon with the goal to find … [Read more…]

How We Avoid Fighting While Full-Time RVing

avoid fighting while full time rving

But… do you two fight all the time? When people find out we live in our 20ft travel trailer, that is one of the most common questions we get asked. We get this question from family, friends, random people… but we especially get this question from weekend RVers we meet at campgrounds. And the short … [Read more…]

Forest River R-Pod 192 Secret Storage

r pod 192 secret storage

It’s cold and rainy today in Sioux Falls, so I decided to finally look behind the panels in our R-Pod 192. I’ve been wanting to do this for three months, just hadn’t as I’ve always had a hunch there was a few secret hiding spots Well, today… I found them! So grab your Phillips head … [Read more…]

Five Things to Do in Franklin, North Carolina

five things to do franklin nc

Franklin, North Carolina is a quaint small town located in Western North Carolina. Its location at the base of the Smoky Mountains, Nahatala National Forest, and both the Appalachian Trail and Bartam Trail make it a great home base for exploring the area. We stayed a week in Franklin at the Mi Mountain Campground, and … [Read more…]