Forest River R-Pod 192: Your Questions Answered

r pod 192

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about our 2020 Forest River R-Pod 192. I love that there is so much interest in this model (especially since we love our 192). I’m happy to help answer questions, and it helps me learn more about my R-Pod, too! And I may have a few affiliate links … [Read more…]

Yooperlites: Lake Superior’s Glowing Rocks

yooperlites glowing rocks

What the heck are Yooperlites? And you can find rocks that glow in Lake Superior? So, we’re sitting by the campfire and my cousin tells us about how he hunts for these rocks that glow under black light, and even has one to show us and another cousin has a black light in her car … [Read more…]

How to Fix the R-Pod Outdoor Hose Connection

We love our R-Pod 192 but now and then, there are some funny quirks we need to work out — one of which is the outdoor hose connection. At first we could not figure it out, and thought maybe we had the wrong hose. Turns out, this a common issue for the 2020/2021 R-Pods with … [Read more…]

Driving Day: Proud Lake to Clare

driving day and why are barns red

We left Proud Lake Campground around 11:30 a.m. and headed to General RV, just a few miles away. We’re pretty sure we need a different tow hitch because a 4 inch drop is just a little too low. While they had tow hitches, we couldn’t see a tech (no surprise there) and don’t have the … [Read more…]